Sidney Enriquez

Freelance Illustrator and Designer

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About the Artist

Sidney Enriquez also known as Cold Crest, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who creates art based on childhood memories and life. She loves to work with vibrant colors and textures.

She is currently a multimedia art student and runs her own shop that features her art turned into stickers, prints, pins, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you use?
I usually use procreate for illustrations while Adobe Illustrator for packaging or other design purposes.

What brushes do you use?
I always use brushes that give pencil or chalk textures. For Procreate 6B pencil and Procreate Pencil is definitely a must!

Are your commissions open?
You can always check the status for commissions in my commission tab. If you have any inquiries feel free to email me: [email protected]

Can I have the original file of the commission?
Yes, but with an additional charge.

When will new products arrive?
I try to update my shop every 1-2 months or whenever I can.

What is your preferred medium?
I mostly do digital art but for traditional art, I use colored pencils and gouache paints.

I'd like to start making art what should I do?
I can say that making art is an essential part in society. You can start by buying art materials and test them out! Make sure to practice and learn the basics, this will help you in developing your style and how you draw. Others also take art classes to strengthen their skills, join online communites and asking nd receiving feedback from other artists.

If you have other questions or you simply want to chat say hello in my socials or ask here


Please read the terms and conditions before confirming a slot.
Strictly no commission form, no commission.

Status: OPEN

Terms and Conditions

I have the right to decline the commission.
I have the right to use the commissioned work in my portfolio
I will not accept commissions with very strong themes (NSFW, Extreme Gore, etc.)
You are not allowed to sell, alter or edit the commission

An email will be sent to confirm the commission and progress checks will be made.
A 100% upfront payment must be paid for me to start the commission.
The commission will be sent via google drive or email in png or jpeg (Extra charge for original file).

(ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿) Tips are very much appreciated!

For other commissions feel free to contact me.

Modes of Payment

Local (PH) - GCash, BPI or any bank transfer
International - Paypal or Kofi

©️ 2021 cold crest. All rights reserved.

Rates and Samples



Colored Line Art Icon
PHP 300 / $8


Colored Line Art with Flat Render Icon
PHP 400 / $10


Full Render Bust Icon
P600 / $15

Price may change due to design complexity.

©️ 2021 cold crest. All rights reserved.


Line Art Illustration

Line art + Max. 2-3 colors
starts at PHP 800 / $25

Full Color

Lineless / Lineart + Any color of your choice
starts at PHP 1000 / $35

Price may change due to design complexity.

©️ 2021 cold crest. All rights reserved.